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Naming a strain of marijuana after a bright green superhero certainly makes sense, especially for a strain like this. Like the power of Hulk suddenly taking form, smoking Bruce Banner #3 will cause some extremely powerful effects for the user. Those suffering from major pain or severe depression prefer Bruce Banner for its strength in combating everything bad.

Origin of Bruce Banner #3
As its name suggests, Bruce Banner #3 is not the only strain of marijuana with a similar name. There were also Bruce Banner #1, #2, #4, and #5. No one thinks about #2 or #4 anymore, as they simply were not as good as the other three specific strains. Bruce Banner #3 has emerged as the top dog among the Bruce Banners that were left, receiving a top rating in potency by the High Times in their Cannabis Cup. In fact, the strain even won the Cannabis Cup in Denver!

Bruce Banner #3 (along with the other Bruce Banners) comes from Delta 9 Labs, who bred it by combining OG Kush with Strawberry Diesel. It is a Sativa-dominant strain, sitting at about 80% Sativa and 20% Indica. OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel are both hybrids. By giving their strain such a big name, they were clearly well aware of how potent this powerful strain really was.

Effects of Bruce Banner #3
People with severe depression might specifically choose Bruce Banner #3 because of its potent “happiness bomb” that hits you whenever you smoke it. Its number one effect is happiness, following only by euphoria and a feeling of upliftedness. Those who smoke Bruce Banner #3 are also in for a night of intense relaxation, and even lots of creativity and energy.

The high is known for being highly intense, but despite its name, the “Hulk effect” comes as a monster of happiness, not anger like the superhero. Indeed, after taking a hit of Bruce Banner #3, users will instantly feel euphoric, and then after a little while, that energetic joy will ease into a relaxing sense of creativity and well-being.

Adverse Reactions
If you haven’t smoked much marijuana before, remember that less is more with Bruce Banner #3. You can never get too much happiness, but you can get too much of a couple negative reactions. The most common adverse reaction by far is dry mouth, so even if you are an avid marijuana smoker who is used to the potency of strains like Bruce Banner #3, keep a glass of water nearby when you smoke it.

Other negative reactions include dry eyes, which is not uncommon, as well as a headache, anxiety, or paranoia. These last three reactions are generally quite rare when smoking Bruce Banner #3, and are more likely to occur if you take a big hit without having smoked very often before. Remember, Bruce Banner #3 has a whopping THC level of as much as 29%, so it’s not messing around.

Medical Uses of Bruce Banner #3
As touched on above, users of Bruce Banner #3 often choose the strain because of its amazing effects on those with mood disorders such as depression. Even though it is a Sativa-leaning strain, Bruce Banner #3 will ease not only your mind but also your body in a balanced, pleasant way. This makes it not only useful for those with depression or anxiety, but also for people who are suffering from chronic pain.

Bruce Banner #3 also has the interesting ability to help simultaneously with things like stress, while still giving the user an energy boost. Therefore it works well for those trying to combat fatigue as well as people who suffer from consistent stress and need relief. Finally, it helps users with nausea.

Taste and Aroma of Bruce Banner #3
Bruce Banner is not only strong in potency and effects, but also in smell. Its odor is incredibly strong, even when the plants are still growing. For that reason, growers generally prefer not to grow it outside, as it might easily attract unwanted attention.

Bruce Banner #3 has a scent that is a combination of fruits and diesel. Any true fan of Bruce Banner #3 would be able to recognize it instantly by its smell alone.

The taste of Bruce Banner is similar but allows the taste buds to distinguish between flavors a bit more than the scent does. This is due to the fact the taste is simply not as strong as the smell – which is a good thing, or else no one would enjoy smoking it. There is still a bit of diesel, but strawberry sweetness, as well as a flowery flavor, are all distinguishable in the taste of Bruce Banner #3.

Growing Bruce Banner #3
Bruce Banner #3 plants grow well and fairly easily in indoor as well as outdoor settings. That being said, don’t forget what was mentioned above: the plants have an extremely potent odor, so if you are trying to keep your grow operation on the down low, you are likely going to have an easier time of it if you grow indoors.

Most growers of Bruce Banner #3 choose the Screen of Green (scrogging) technique, as it is well-known for working very effectively with this strain. The plant’s reaction to any kind of stress (whether low or high) leads to a positive outcome with a stronger plant and higher yields.

For indoor grows, Bruce Banner #3 will begin flowering in 60 or 70 days. You can expect a huge yield with this plant (which is really no surprise at this point, given the strain’s overall “strength”), at between 20 and 22 ounces per square meter of plant. The plants will be around 4.5 feet tall in an indoor grow setting.

Outdoors grows will lead to gigantic plants. You can expect between 34 and 36 ounces per plant when you’re growing outdoors, but be warned: those hulking plants will get almost up to 10 feet in height. Outdoor grows should be harvested in early October. While they aren’t the toughest strain to grow, Bruce Banner #3 plants are best left to those with some experience growing.