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If there is any strain you have heard of in the marijuana world, it is probably Northern Lights. Northern Lights has buds dripping with resin, a short flowering phase, and a hardiness that makes it easy to grow for beginners and veterans alike.

Part of Northern Lights’ appeal is the fact that it has a deliciously sweet and also surprisingly spicy aroma. The buds are delightful to look at, as they have shades of purple, green, and other colors. The buds are also coated in a layer of crystals.

Northern Lights has a strong effect on the user, and the high is largely in the head but also affecting the body. Laziness and relaxation characterize a Northern Lights high.

Growing Northern Lights
Northern Lights has a particular reputation for how easy it is to grow. The plant itself is generally small or at most average in size, but its buds tend to be plentiful and resinous. Growing both indoors and outdoors generally leads to an effective harvest of these hardy and agreeable plants. Plants typically grow to about 28 inches tall, making it a compact but high yielding plant.

Northern Lights naturally does best in warm and sunny climates — think California, the Mediterranean, or North Africa. If grown outdoors, it can grow really large if it receives tons of light and good care. If left to its own devices, however, it may not grow to be as massive but will still do very well.

You can expect Northern Lights marijuana plants to require between 7 and 9 weeks for flowering. Occasionally this ends up being on the shorter side, gearing more towards only 7 weeks rather than the full 9 weeks, so be on your guard for signs that it is done early. If you are growing outdoors, then you can expect to harvest sometime mid-October.

Outdoor plants will get you around 22 ounces per plant, and indoor plants will achieve around 18 ounces of bud per square meter of plant. Of course, that’s assuming no unforeseen obstacles get in the way — but again, this strain of marijuana is quite hardy and can bounce back relatively easily from anything that comes its way.

Origin Of Northern Lights Strain
Northern Lights has parents that come from Afghanistan and Thailand. In fact, these strains are landrace strains from those countries. It is said that Northern Lights was actually bred in Washington state, but its popularity started in the Netherlands around 1985.

In addition to having a strong background, Northern Lights has also parented a variety of extremely popular strains. These strains include Super Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk — there is a good chance you have heard of one or the other.

Effects Of Northern Lights Strain
Northern Lights gives the user a deep sense of mental and physical relaxation as well as deep comfort and even laziness. Smoking Northern Lights makes the user feel uplifted and euphoric – not couch lock. Sometimes users can begin to feel rather sleepy, which many consider an added benefit of the Northern Lights high.

The Northern Lights high is considered to be very body focused. It can cause a sensation similar to couch lock — users tend to be extremely comfortable and relaxed wherever they are. In addition, happy thoughts tend to be the focus of a Northern Lights smoker’s attention. Euphoria, laughter, and smiling tend to be common and enjoyable. It is known primarily for its uplifting effects so anyone struggling with negative thoughts, anxieties, or stress can have some kind of instant relief when he or she smokes Northern Lights.

Very occasionally Northern Lights will cause a user to have dry mouth, dry eyes, feelings of dizziness or paranoia, or even a headache. These adverse effects, aside from perhaps the dry mouth and eyes, are quite rare.

The positive effects of Northern Lights can include:

The negative effects of Northern Lights can include:

Dry mouth
Dry eyes
Dizziness (rare)
Paranoia (rare)
Headache (rare)
Medical Uses For Northern Lights
Medical marijuana patients love Northern Lights. It does an excellent job of treating both physical and mental ailments such as mood swings, depression, or other mood-related disorders.

Northern Lights has a high amount of CBD, which means it also is highly effective in pain relief. It helps with all types of pain and even includes muscle spasms.

Medical Uses For Physical Ailments
Muscle Spasms
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Lack of appetite
Medical Uses For Psychological Ailments
Taste And Aroma Of Northern Lights Strain
The taste and smell of Northern Lights is extremely pleasant, which of course has a lot to do with its popularity. Earthiness, sweetness, and a distinct taste or smell of pine are all included in the Northern Lights experience.

The smell is generally considered sweet and spicy, although bitter lime is also mixed in. Some interpret the smell either as citrus or as ammonia (the skunk smell), but either way, it is a strong scent that is hard to ignore.

The taste of Northern Lights is skunky and full, but it is not the overwhelming flavor that you might get with other skunk varieties. When you smoke it, you can expect to experience a bit of dankness as well as sweetness, lemons, earthiness, and fresh pine